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 sunny day☀️ 代官山の隠れ家的candle shop。 駅近だけど路地裏にひっそり佇む一軒家です。 お買い物ついでにふらっとお立ち寄りください open 12:00-19:00 #mariumi #candleshop #代官山 #candle #daikanyama
 【information】 定休日(水曜日)&臨時休業日のお知らせです 1日(水)2日(木) 8日(水)9日(木) 15日(水) 22日(水)〜26日(日) 29日(水) ●3月の営業時間12:00-19:00 ●18日 13:30 open ●21日 16:00 close ※その他営業時間の変更や詳細は随時こちらのページにて更新します #mariumi #代官山 #キャンドル #candleshop #candle
 Thank you for the 2nd anniversary balloons✨✨ みぃさん❤ありがとうございます モノトーンのバルーンが可愛すぎる❤ #mariumi #candleshop #代官山 #candle #balloon
 NEW ARRIVALS pillar candles #mariumi #candleshop #candle #代官山 #daikanyama #キャンドル

About Us

A ball “MARI” bounds and go over the sea “UMI”
then light of mind.

Our candles are like a ball “MARI” bounds and go over the sea “UMI”, then light of heart for friends all over the world with a wish.
The MARI is one of Japan’s traditional toys. It was entertainment liked by men, women and children.
The handcrafted glorious embroidery was loved beautifully by people so that it was given as a pleasing present.
The candle continues to be used as a light of the life of people, and is a Japanese tradition that has been inherited in the modern age as an indispensable link to the past.
Maryu who is the candle creator produces the one and only candle with traditional Japanese inspiration.


Address / Store Info.

22-1 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
150-0033 Japan

Tel : 03-6416-3245

Store Hours : 12:00 - 20:00
Closed On : Wed